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There is no better investment than a great resume from day one - not only it will save you time by having to apply for less jobs, but you will get where you want quicker and stay ahead of the game.

  • Finished product in 3-5 working days
  • A team of professionals at work
  • Cost of the resume $150
  • Rough draft will be shown for approval

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Have you ever stared miserably at the resume template, your excitement ebbing away because its asking the impossible?! List three previous work experiences...? Does walking my neighbour's dog count? List two professional references...? Does mum count?

Being new to the workforce or having limited working experience could be intimidating and discouraging. Our focus is to present you as a budding employee who is serious about working, learning and developing a work ethic and key life experiences - aspirations that will not go unnoticed by employers looking for junior staff. This is a one page resume, beautifully designed and presented as a word document. The document is flexible so that you can edit and change the content as your career develops over time - no need to seek our services every time your job changes. Many of our clients keep the background and style well into their professional careers.

A beautiful resume with experience on the light side can only go so far. Your biggest winner will be your cover letter that speaks to the employer directly. If you have a specific job in mind we highly recommend to use our cover letter writing service. You can do this later or bundle it together.