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Unleash your resume from the "maybe" pile and launch yourself into the "Yes" pile!

  • Finished product in 3-5 working days
  • A team of professionals at work
  • Cost of the resume $230
  • Rough draft will be shown for approval

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If you are not hearing back from the employers within 2 weeks, this means that your resume has gone in the "third pile". The first pile contains all the definite "Yes'es" who will get phone calls, the second are "No's" and will get rejection letters, the dreaded "third" are "Maybes". This pile contains candidates that have some potential for position, but only will be contacted if the Yes pile has been exhausted. So, as a result..... no reply. Most of the time the third pile is filed, never to see daylight again.

Which is also kinda good news. Because if there is some potential for the position then all it takes is to somehow stand out from the crowd to end up in the Yes pile.

Your designed resume is aiming to do just that. This is a 3 page resume, beautifully designed and craftily worded to bring out the budding professional even if your previous work background has not been in the field. So tell us what industry you see yourself in and our design will reflect this.

If you have a specific job in mind, you will need a cover letter. Feel free to use the resume background for a matching cover letter and get HR-The Scary to proofread your written cover letter, or get one of our writers to come up with the spin. The choice is yours and so is the world.