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There is no better investment than a great resume from day one - not only it will save you time by having to apply for less jobs, but you will get where you want quicker and stay ahead of the game.

  • Professional (creative) writers
  • HR manager proofreading
  • Choose from 3 options:
    • Generic - $90
    • Job Specific - $180
    • Criteria responce - $50 per criterion
  • Rough draft will be shown for approval
Employer reading a cover letter.
Signing a letter
Writing a cover letter
I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my application...
I believe this will bring experience to your company in a way that will add value to your organisation...
Additionally i have developed and executed programs as diverse as...
I will bring to the position a combination of team leadership, strategic planning and business development skills that I have leveraged to meet and exceed expectations
Because of my previous success in this areas, I am confident that I can do the same as a member of your team.

It's not unusual for job seekers to treat the cover letter as an afterthought. So much time and thought is put into their resume that the cover letter becomes an optional extra - a hap-hazard collection of random paragraphs that sound great on their own. In actuality, employers often put more emphasis on the cover letter than the resume. Why? Because the cover letter is an opportunity for the job seeker to speak directly to the employer and for the employer to assess your enthusiasm for the position. To miss this opportunity is a huge mistake!

Cover letters comes in 3 shapes and sizes:

  • Generic - A generic cover letters is an overview of what is in the resume and may highlight extra information about recent accomplishments. It does not to pretend to be responsive to the job criteria. Generally speaking, an employer can smell the generic cover letter a mile away! The job applicant runs a risk of having their cover letter skimmed over if the information does not relate to the position.

  • Responsive to job ad - The cover letter is written specifically for the job ad. The most important criteria is highlighted and responded to. Because it is tailor made for the position, the employer tends to read it thoroughly and carefully.

  • Criteria responses - More and more employers also ask job seekers to respond to specific criteria, which may sometimes take the place of a cover letter. Criteria responses can number anywhere between a handful to a dozen and can be in the form of short answer to mini essays. Whatever the form, they can be tricky and some practice is needed to meet the challenge.

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