CanDo Recruitment, paper card. CanDo Recruitment, plastic card. CanDo Recruitment, plastic card. Resume:Me, plastic card.

You don't have to own a business or be a professional to have a business card.

Business cards are very handy for just about everyone. You can pin your card to the resume to stand out from the crowd of resumes because no one has had the bright idea to do so! Or you can pass your card to people you have just met in social settings. Whatever the occasion, a business card is sure to impress over a phone number on a napkin!

We specialise in cutting edge technologies when it comes to business cards. They are printed on see-through plastic and as a result, the design is quite different from two sided paper cards. In June 2013, We ran a competition in plastic card design where we had 74 graphic designers participate. Only 4 designers were able to present a perfect design that took into account the see-through nature of the material. It's tricky stuff! The result? A card that speaks "wow" - people want to hold on to it and even show their friends.